Gathering and Discerning Information in the 21st Century
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“Each of us believes himself to live directly within the world that surrounds him, to sense its objects and events precisely, and to live in real and current time. I assert these are perceptual illusions. Sensation is an abstraction, not a replication of the real world.” Vernon Mountcastle

Quote from YouTube Video: Kavli Prize Laureate Lecture – The Restless Brain

Business Planning

A sound business plan is essential to starting and growing a business. You need the facts about your business to make sound financial and marketing decisions. You also need good planning tools to extract the information to give you the best picture of your business, its customers, and the threats and opportunities facing you. Having skilled planners to guide your process and give you an objective view is often a good investment. Consider a business coach or expert strategist to help you create the best plan possible.

Daniel has written several business plans following this template. Of course the un-biased and factual information you add to your business plan is what makes it valuable. If researched and written objectively you should end up with a document you can take to the bank and use to guide your business to success.

Browse online or download Daniel’s MS Word Business Plan Template here: