Sample Speeches

Below are some examples of how the Rule of 3 was used in writing a speech. In all of them your will see a distinct opening, body and closing with the use of quotes, jokes, stories and analogies which helped make for an effective oral presentation. Of course it may be dry to read them but when you deliver your speech and you add your passion, excitement, and the various skills you have learned it makes your speech come alive in your listeners ears and minds.

Vocal variety
Body gestures
Facial gestures
Voice rate & pitch
Your love for the speech and the listeners

ATM Manual Speech,  (5-7 min) Moral of the Story.
"Love Thy Neighbor as Thy self"

ATM Manual Speech, Story Telling (5-7 min)  Historical Speech. A simple opening, body & conclusion.
"A Northwest Territories Town Changed for Ever"

ATM-B Speech, Speaking to Inform, The Abstract Speech (10-12 min)
"You have to have Goals"

ATM Speech from Speaking to Inform Manual, Speech to Inform. (10 min.)
"Mislead by the Media"

ATM Manual Speech, Folk Tale (10 min.)
"The Christmas Story"

ATM-B Speech, Uplift the Spirit from Specialty Speeches manual (5-7 min)
"With out a vision the people perish"